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Дикие черти (Дикая банда)

Жанр: Драма
Год: 2002
Страна: США
Актеры: Stephen Dorff (as Leon), Brad Renfro (as Bobby), Fairuza Balk (as Annie), Norman Reedus (as Marco), Max Perlich (as Freddie), Drea de Matteo (as Betsy), Vincent Pastore (as Father Aldo), Frankie Muniz (as Scooch), Balthazar Getty (as Jimmy Pockets), Nancy Cassaro (as Esther), Matt Dillon (as Fritzy), Debbie Harry (as Wendy (as Deborah Harry)), James Franco (as Tino), Joshua Leonard (as Punchy (as Josh Leonard)), Alba Albanese (as Brenda)

Дикие черти Two brothers, Leon and Bobby are members of the street gang in Brooklyn known as the deuces. Their brother was killed by a drug overdose a few years earlier and the gang is determined to keep drugs off their block. Another more vicous gang known as the vipers is a possible threat to Leon and Bobby s efforts. The deuces are determined to do whatever is necessary to keep drugs off their block even if that means dying.